Collection: Teja
Design: La Mamba Studio

Teja is born from observing different textures that can be found in the Mediterranean landscape, such as the overlapping planes on the coast’s roofs, but also on the small porch areas that characterize Mediterranean terraces. Wood, rope and metal are usually present in these spaces, materials that serve as inspiration for the TEJA collection, providing warmth, comfort and calm.

All the structures in the collection are made with extruded aluminum and and finished with polyester powder painting.
The bases of the sofas are available in painted aluminium or iroko wood always selecting the best pieces from controlled and sustainable plantations.

And finally, the marine rope used in this collection, is made with polyester thread outside and nylon cord inside, to ensure maximum durability and resistance against climatic agents.

Each of the Teja products is hand-woven, in a completely handmade way, in our facilities in Barcelona.

The cushions are made of acrylic fabric and are completely suitable for outdoor use. Both the structures and the cushions are available in different colours and textures, generating a multitude of possible combinations.

The Teja collection is composed of a dining chair, low chair, sofas, bar stool and low tables.

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