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Teja dining armchair web21 zoom


Teja IN dining armchair 2 copia
Teja dining armchair 2 web21
Teja dining armchair web21
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Teja dining armchair

Designer: La Mamba Studio

Year: 2020

Teja was born from observing different textures that we can find in the Mediterranean landscape. Wood, rope and metal are usually present in these spaces, materials that serve as for inspiration in this collection as well as the overlapping planes of their roofs that characterize the terraces of this geographical area.

  • Structure produced with extruded aluminum and finished with polyester paint.
  • The marine rope that covers the product is made with polyester thread and nylon cord on the inside, to ensure greater durability and weather resistance.
  • Removable cushions.
  • See fabrics and paint colors available in PDF Finishes
  • Other items available: waterproof outer cover

Technical data sheet | Finishes | 2D Files | 3D Files | BIM Files


Frame color:

Steel blue 49

Grey blue 24

Olive green 15

Cement green 12

Mint turquoise 52

Maroon oxide 16

Coral red 55

Brown cobre 26

Olive brown 23

Grafito 34

Antracita 23

Beige grey 39

Stone 29

Ivory text 11

White text 10

Vinytex cushions:

Acrylic cushions: