The GARDA collection, designed by Joan Gaspar for BIVAQ, is inspired by the great icons of constructivist and rationalist architecture. A concept based on the chairs and armchairs of the 50s with surnames such as Le Corbusier, Vestergard Jensen, Gio Ponti or Olli Borg, transferred by Gaspar to outdoor furniture. Its functional and apparently simple lines create a collection designed above all to be lived in, following the footsteps of those great names that conceived housing to impact the lives of its inhabitants. A collection that emerges from the fascination for industrialization and the search for practicality through a tubular structure and a fabric base on which the cushions rest. GARDA dispenses with all unnecessary decorative elements and focuses on comfort, lightness and touch.

Uniqueness, comfort and elegance

GARDA is a collection primarily adaptable to different space concepts, with contemporary inspiration, but with quality and friendly forms. Its extruded aluminum structure and fabric bring subtlety and comfort to the designs, available in different options, from one-seater armchairs, 2 or 3-seater sofas and chairs. GARDA has also been transferred into a table, available in different types of surface and a side table convertible into a footrest. The collection has been worked in a range of quality and soft colors, with tones from nature that fit with the search for simplification in design. A concept designed for relaxation, a nod to the architectural memory that aims to transport us to another era.

designed by
Joan Gaspar

Garda designs

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