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Garda lounge sofa alum. armrest RGB 300 zoom


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garda sillon
Garda lounge sofa alum. armrest RGB 300
Garda lounge sofa no armrest RGB 300
Garda1 lounge sofas olive green RGB 72
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Garda lounge sofa

Designer: Joan Gaspar

Year: 2022

The Garda collection is inspired by the great icons of constructivist and rationalist architecture. It dispenses with all unnecessary decorative elements and focuses on comfort, lightness and touch. Its functional and apparently simple lines create a collection designed above all to be lived. Above all, a collection adaptable to different concepts of space, of contemporary inspiration, but with warm and friendly shapes.

  • Structure produced with round extruded aluminum tube and finished with polyester paint.
  • The sling-type fabric that forms the base of the cushions gives the sofa a soft and very comfortable seat.
  • High backrest that allows you to rest your head.
  • Available without arms, painted aluminum arms or iroko wood arms.
  • Removable sling fabric cushions and base.
  • Check fabrics and paint colors available in PDF Finishes.
  • Other items available: waterproof outer cover.

Garda lounge sofa

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Technical data sheet


Frame color:

Steel blue 49
Grey blue 24
Olive green 15
Cement green 12
Mint turquoise 52
Maroon oxide 16
Coral red 55
Brown cobre 26
Olive brown 23
Grafito 34
Antracita 23
Beige grey 39
Stone 29
Ivory text 11
White text 10


White 01
Grey beige 21
Basque green A 21
Brown 07
Antracita 03
Black A 22

Vinytex cushions:

Eden black 77 D
Eden tobacco 63 D
Grafito beige 52 D
Stone beige 61 D
Tobacco 05 A
White pearl 08 A

Acrylic cushions:

Marconi indian red 73 B
Wabi ecru 103 C
Pan bone 48 B
Heather chalk 87 B
Sack sand 83 D
Bon chalk linen 95 C
Wabi beige 104 C
Grey pearl 32 B
Toast 31 B
Wabi basalto 100 C
Beige carbon 42 B
Sack carbon 89 D
Marconi antracita 74 B
Can bali blue 93 C
Blue grey 43 B
Sack cloudy blue 06 D
Peach flamingo 85 B
Marconi light blue 75 B
Blush peach 53 B
Pan tangerine 101 B
Sol mustard 91 A
Can yellow sun 90 C
Marconi green 72 B
Sack olive green 46 D
Can valley green 92 C
Marconi marine blue 71 B
Terry navy blue 94 C
Pan white 47 B
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