The VINT collection, designed by Andrés Bluth for BIVAQ, was born from the desire to bring the elegance and sobriety of indoor furniture design to the outdoors. VINT takes as a reference the European design of the 50s and 60s. The balance between aesthetics, functionality and the search for new lines characterize the designs of those decades, full of lines and geometric shapes. These formal references inspire VINT, a collection that combines rectangular and circular sections, tapered tubes and a formal language adopted from aluminum's world. The result is a light, neo-retro and minimalist concept.

Shapes of the 50's and 60's

VINT is a versatile proposal, which can be adapted to more contemporary or rustic concepts depending on the selection of fabrics and chromatic palette. The structure is produced in extruded aluminum and finished in polyester paint, making it a sustainable, lightweight and corrosion resistant outdoor proposal. VINT can be combined with a wide variety of colors and sun and water resistant fabrics, with different levels of softness for your armchairs, sofas and with different types of surfaces from Iroko wood, to laminates and highly resistant materials such as Dekton.

designed by
Andrés Bluth

Vint designs

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