Restaurant La Maruca, Madrid

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Step into the enchanting atmosphere of La Maruca López de Hoyos Restaurant, a culinary gem with Cantabrian essence located in the heart of Madrid, where design meets sophistication. We are excited to share our recent collaboration with Zooco Estudio, the masters behind the stunning interior of this award-winning restaurant.

Our selection of outdoor furniture, including the Vint low armchair, Sit 2-seater sofa and Illa chair, adorns the terrace of La Maruca López de Hoyos, creating a space where unforgettable moments unfold naturally. Precisely crafted, our pieces contribute to the overall attractiveness of the place.

Zooco Estudio has woven an interior upholstery that harmonises with the culinary delights of La Maruca López de Hoyos. The meticulous design has garnered well-deserved recognition, including an Interior Design Mention from the Madrid College of Architects (COAM) and first place for the restaurant with the best interior design in Spain according to Arquitectura y Diseño magazine.