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Sirkel 105 table

Designer: Studio bvq

Year: 2023

The Sirkel tables, all of which have a central leg, have been designed with a base that forms a square circle (Squircle, an acronym for square and circle). In other words, an intermediate shape between a square and a circle. Thanks to this geometry, the collection can combine square and round table tops made of different materials.

The Sirkel Collection is a truly extensive range of tables (more than 1,000 different models) available in various heights of 105, 74, 55 and 40cm, in a wide range of sizes from 140 to 60cm diameter, in various paint colours and in various table top materials. Thanks to this versatility, this Collection can be combined in any public or private space.

– Structure produced with extruded aluminium and finished with polyester paint.
– See table tops and paint colours available in PDF Finishes.
– Other items available: waterproof outer cover.

Sirkel 105 table

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Technical data sheet


Frame color:

Steel blue 49
Grey blue 24
Olive green 15
Cement green 12
Mint turquoise 52
Maroon oxide 16
Coral red 55
Brown cobre 26
Olive brown 23
Grafito 34
Antracita 23
Beige grey 39
Stone 29
Ivory text 11
White text 10

Compact top:

HPL White 50
HPL Antracita 51
HPL Brown 54

Dekton top:

Danae 78
Marina 106
Argentium 105
Sirocco 107
Keranium 82
Domoos 04
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