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Low table

Designer: Francesc Rifé Studio
Year: 2024

Inspired by the concept of “nami,” which means “wave” in Japanese, each piece in this collection is designed to capture the emotion and fluidity of the sea. Using carefully selected iroko slats along with a light painted aluminum structure, it evokes a sense of lightness and tranquility. The iroko wood used has the main sustainability certifications, and to optimize the resources used (less volume) and minimize the carbon footprint, the wood is purchased and machined in Barcelona.

– Extruded aluminum structure and finished with polyester powder paint.
– Polished iroko wood slats, rounded edges, and final treatment to protect the wood.
– The table is available in 1 or 2 heights. The additional tray (2 height) can be requested in wood, Dekton or painted aluminum.
– Consult paint colors available in PDF Finishes.
– Other items available: waterproof outer cover.


Frame color:

Steel blue 49

Grey blue 24

Olive green 15

Cement green 12

Mint turquoise 52

Maroon oxide 16

Coral red 55

Brown cobre 26

Olive brown 23

Grafito 34

Antracita 23

Beige grey 39

Stone 29

Ivory text 11

White text 10

Compact top:

Iroko top:

Dekton top: