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Bivaq SAL Low Armchair With Armrests BAJA
Bivaq SAL Escena 5
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low armchair

Designer: studio bvq
Year: 2024

The Sal Collection has been designed to offer a selection of chairs and armchairs with a light, modern and, most importantly, cozy feel. To achieve this, we have incorporated a steel structure of minimal thickness, which provides a sense of lightness while ensuring durability. To complement this structure, a fabric reminiscent of natural fibers such as sisal has been chosen to give the collection a natural, warm and handcrafted look. This fabric takes center stage in the collection, highlighting its cozy appearance and its excellent ability to withstand different weather conditions.

• Structure made of steel. Finished with cataphoresis treatment and polyester powder coating.
• Available with or without armrests.
• See available paint colors in PDF Finishes.
• Other available items: waterproof outer cover.

Technical data sheet | Finishes


Frame color:

Steel blue 49

Grey blue 24

Olive green 15

Cement green 12

Mint turquoise 52

Maroon oxide 16

Coral red 55

Brown cobre 26

Olive brown 23

Grafito 34

Antracita 23

Beige grey 39

Stone 29

Ivory text 11

White text 10


Vinytex cushions:

Acrylic cushions: