Day and night

A concept with infinite moments

The NAK collection, designed by Andrés Bluth for BIVAQ, is a program of outdoor sofas and loungers, designed to easily adapt to different moments of the day. Its aluminum structure is formed from a backrest and armrests with built-in cushions that can be easily placed and removed to adapt to different moments and needs. NAK consists of 1, 2 and 3-seater sofas and a lounger. The single module can be converted into a footrest by removing the backrest and armrests. NAK is a versatile and flexible concept designed to create different atmospheres in the same space.


NAK is composed of a structure in extruded aluminum and finished in polyester paint. The cushions are produced with quick-drying foam and upholstered in acrylic fiber or Vinytex, making the whole set perfect for outdoor use. Discover all the possibilities offered by NAK.