Balm has been designed to offer a wraparound and comfortable experience. A space where you can gather in those moments when we seek shelter, warmth, coziness and comfort. The structure made of round aluminum tube and the backrest braided with nautical rope embraces a soft cushion, inviting you to enjoy long and leisurely after- dinner conversations. The arms have been designed to offer a pleasant tactile sensation thanks to their texture, thickness and impeccable finish. Its use is particularly suitable for outdoor environments, but it can also be used indoors thanks to its versatile design.

Embracing the sea

The distinctive feature of this Collection lies in the backrest braided with nautical rope, which, with its cozy appearance and maritime connotations, adds a handcrafted touch to the product and defines the experience of being outdoors with elegance and style. Composed of the dining armchair and the low armchair, both products are available with Ø5mm. rope braided back or without rope. Balm offers a wide selection of ropes, fabrics and colors that facilitate their integration into any environment.

designed by
Manel Molina

Balm designs