The CLUB collection, designed by Andrés Bluth for BIVAQ, is a sober and elegant concept of straight lines and sharp angles composed of different options of chair, lounger, hammock and stool. Its simplicity makes this collection perfect for different atmospheres and designs. A refreshing and ethereal concept that blends with both classic and avant-garde projects. The club hammock is inspired by the traditional Mediterranean gandulas and its forms are transferred to the reclining lounger, stackable chair and cube-shaped tables and stools.

Architectural inspiration

CLUB consists of an extruded aluminum structure finished with polyester paint. The seats and backrests are made of Vinytex fabric, providing freshness and lightness to the designs and available in different colors. The table and stool tops are produced in aluminum and HPL compact in a wide variety of tones. CLUB is a versatile, functional and contemporary proposal, stackable and easy to collect, perfect for versatile spaces for different purposes throughout the day.

designed by
Andrés Bluth

Club designs

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