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Nak 65 sofa S3

Nak 65 sofa S3

Designer: Andrés Bluth

Year: 2015

Nak 65 is a versatile program of benches with a depth of 65cm that incorporates large back cushions and mattresses, which gives it more an image of a sofa than a bench. In addition, its 65 cm depth allows it to be used both in dining areas and in shallow areas such as terraces, balconies…

  • Structure produced with extruded aluminum and finished with powder coating polyester.
  • It allows to realize multiple combinations as L, U…, with/without backrests, with/without armrests.
  • Removable cushions.
  • See available fabrics and paint colors in PDF Finishes.
  • Other available items: waterproof outer cover.

Nak 65 sofa S3

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Technical data sheet
2D Files
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Frame color:

Steel blue 49

Grey blue 24

Olive green 15

Cement green 12

Mint turquoise 52

Maroon oxide 16

Coral red 55

Brown cobre 26

Olive brown 23

Grafito 34

Antracita 23

Beige grey 39

Stone 29

Ivory text 11

White text 10


Vinytex cushions:

Acrylic cushions: