Outdoor Interview series by Bivaq #1: Sandra Vidal & Mireia Masdeu (Interior designers)

interior design bivaq outdoor furnitureMireia Masdeu and Sandra Vidal, VidalMasdeu Studio.

Outdoor Interview Series by Bivaq #1
Sandra Vidal & Mireia Masdeu.
VidalMasdeu Studio.


Interior Design Senior Degree in Escuela Superior de Diseño ELISAVA (Barcelona). Once Sandra finished design degree, she worked for GCA Associated Architects as Head of Spain’s franchising projects and commercial venues. After that, she collaborated with Jordi Castel Studio and the architect Xavier Belil taking part in big architectonical projects. Finally, in year 2000, she decided to run her own studio.

Interior Design Senior Degree in EINA, Escuela Superior de Diseño y Arte (Barcelona). Mireia has worked for reputed studios such are Mariscal Studio, Fernando Salas Studio and Santiago Nin Studio. In 2006, she run her own studio, OAK Creative Design. Now, she develops her talent under MireiaMasdeuStudio brand.

From 2013, Sandra Vidal and Mireia Masdeu work together in an amazing joint venture called VidalMasdeu Studio. They share interesting projects as a creative duo. Sandra and Mireia are talent, experience, creativity and perseverance.

1.What is the most remarkable or special project you’re working on?

Right now, we’re working on very different and interesting projects. First one, a fertility clinic that wants to change market rules. It will be a cozy and charming place with a high sensibility sense. We pretend to accompany all patients in that delicate process.

Second one, we’re really motivated with a whole primary school refurbishment in Reus (Tarragona). We are working on transforming spaces and make them ready for the new education revolution. Now we need new spaces where students have to interact with mates and environment. That’s a really cool challenge for us. Students have to feel motivated in this environment.

Finally, we worked on a modern Hostel restoration in Barcelona,   creating a modern look&feel and a cozy atmosphere focusing on small details. We’re eager to see the results with our clients.

2. Wich are your design models, references or guidelines?
Cities, styles, designers, brands, classic stuff,…

We’re fascinated about japanese design. The way they work with natural and noble materials is simply sublime. Also, light and shadow combination, architecture patterns, high quality finishes and thousands of details more, make the difference. Japanese subtlety and sensibility captivate us.

Nordic design is a big source of inspiration for us as well. The inherited way they work wood, ceramic and glass is superb. Those artisan references give us a lot of inspiration. Also, the famous nordic “sense of order”.

We like to visit big cities and study their spectacular architecture but, as interior designers, we find the most interesting details and genuine stuff in small cities and interesting quarters. Definitely, those little things are better than a big flagship in the best city avenue.

This year we have discovered the most impressive techniques about using colors and light. It happened in a trip to Marrakech, where we attend to a restoring project of a Riad.

3. How Sandra Vidal and Mireia Masdeu find inspiration “On & Off” line.

Pinterest, blogs, architecture and design online magazines, exhibitions, art galleries, social media….

We think that nature is the best color palette and the best existing architecture. The biggest source of inspiration.

4. What is your favourite outdoor place to “do Bivaq”?

We love big outdoor tables. You can share good moments with a lot of friends or family enjoying succulent meals until the sun goes down. It’s all about what happens around the table.

Tree hammocks are our soft spot. They are good to enjoy, for example, the sea breeze while you swing and relax. To fall asleep in a tree hammock is something that everybody should experience! If hammock is double…better!

Also, we imagine ourselves doing “Bivaq” on big corner sofas plenty of cushions with a lot of friends spending the time together during hours and hours… Always under a cozy pergola or a leafy tree.

Finally, we want to highlight how amazing is to enjoy outdoor spaces in winter around a fireplace. It’s something that we learned visiting Nordic countries!

We think that that habit should be exported to other countries around the world.

Some VidalMasdeu Studio projects.
More projects at vidalmasdeu.com

furniture kitchen bivaq outdoor indoor design

Cozy and stylish indoor spaces.

hostel hotel barcelona outdoor indoor design bivaq

Refurbished and stylish Hostel in Barcelona

bakery bivaq indoor outdoor design architecture barcelona

Breaking rules of traditional bakery shops.

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