The NUDE collection, designed by Andrés Bluth for BIVAQ, is a modular sofa system of ample dimensions that combines an aluminum structure with large cushions joined together. A lightweight yet robust concept with its own character that adapts easily to any design and project, making it a perfect collection for spaces of intensive use such as hotels, lounges and restaurants. Its low backrest and seat and its 92 cm width make NUDE a perfect proposal for relaxed environments that easily adapts to different spaces thanks to its complete modular system.

Personality in balance

NUDE is composed of an extruded aluminum frame and finished with polyester paint, making it a corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant option. The cushions are available in Vinytex and acrylic fiber, both with textile finish but weather resistant. Its system with individual modules, corner pieces and the footrest give it great versatility, allowing large perimeter compositions, closed sets and more avant-garde compositions through different combination options. NUDE also has a low table option in aluminum with different surface options, from tempered glass, to laminate, Dekton or Iroko wood from regulated and sustainable forests.

designed by
Andrés Bluth

Nude designs

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