mood XL

mood XL

The MOOD XL collection, designed by Andrés Bluth for BIVAQ, is a modular system of outdoor sofas upholstered with the screen cover system. A perimeter concept composed of central and corner modules that adapt to any environment, allowing the creation of large compositions or dressing small spaces. The collection is complemented by a footrest module and a low table, which allow to innovate with the compositions, going beyond the conventional sofa and allowing to create independent individual modules. Its versatility makes it suitable for lounge areas, pool areas and restaurant areas.

Modular confort

MOOD XL consists of a base in painted aluminum or Iroko wood, from protected and sustainable forests, covered with comfortable cushions in quick-drying foam especially for outdoors called Dry Feel covered in Vinytex or acrylic fiber, with different combinations of color and softness that make it resistant to the sun's rays, rain and wind. The backrest height of 63 cm, seat height of 42 cm and width of 89 cm make it a relaxed design, suitable for long stays, both for public and private spaces.

designed by
Andrés Bluth

Mood XL designs