The ILLA collection, designed by Andrés Bluth for BIVAQ, review the classic garden designs based on metal rods. Wrought and cast iron became popular during the 19th century as the production of this material increased, becoming especially popular for the creation of urban and garden furniture thanks to its strength and durability. ILLA inherits the essence of this movement, but brings it to the present through round tubes and rods of soft and fluid shapes. Its enveloping structures and warm fabrics bringing comfort and counteract the harshness of the original garden designs. ILLA is available in a wide color palette, from earth tones to bright pastel shade, evolving from a sophisticated and sober proposal to a provocative collection.

Reinterpreting a classic

ILLA is a contemporary and delicate proposal with a light structure and classic air, produced in extruded aluminum and finished with polyester paint. The legs are made of steel and finished with a cataphoresis treatment and polyester paint to ensure resistance to the elements. Its metal body is complemented by cushions in fabrics such as Vinytex or acrylic fiber that add warmth and comfort to the collection. ILLA consists of individual chairs and armchairs and tables of different heights with rectangular and circular planks available in a variety of finishes. Its lightness and softness make it ideal for integrating into outdoor spaces in a subtle way, giving prominence to the environment.

designed by
Andrés Bluth

Illa designs

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